Blackflag the cat/fox. Is the main character of the series and can be seen as a badly drawn character although it's made to look like that. Blackflags age is unknown many people think blackflag is genderless even though he's male/boy in March 1st 2016 blackflag comics where made on Google plus but under a copyright due to copying users in aug 14th 2014 blackflags design was made on after a warriors contest later on blackflag become slightly popular but in Jan of 2016 anger was made after users on adult sites (DeviantArt e621 etc.) Offered to make inappropriate images of blackflag how ever it was denied and the anger stopped in Feb 1st 2016 once the creator of the comics (the wikia owner) reached 100 followers on Google plus  he announced a collections gallery will be made for blackflag comics how ever it wasnt that popular. In March 12th 2016 a few comics that wasn't released to the public was about blackflag in the USA Marine Corps it shown blackflag wearing a grey shirt with the USMC seal on it and other images shown him saluting the American flag however the comics that those images in was a failed movie called black flag the cat WWIII it was about the next world war but it wasn't public due to communists on Google plus th
Failed movie blackflag

e story is about USA vs USSR blackflag appeared in many other comics but more will be made in the future